Sunday, May 6, 2007

Romney and Religion

From renewamerica

Romney: Mitt Romney, aka Mormon Mitt and Mitt the Mormon, Republican presidential hopeful, former Governor of Massachusetts and winner of the first debate of the declared Republican presidential aspirants.

Reindeer: any of several large deer that have palmate antlers, best known generally for pulling Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve and, by constitutional lawyers, for inspiring the "reindeer test."

"Reindeer test": name given to the United States Supreme Court procedure for determining whether a Christmas display on public policy is constitutionally permissible (a free-standing creche is forbidden but if secular figures, like reindeer, accompany the creche, the scene is treated as sufficiently secular to permit the creche to stay).

Religion: "the duty owed to God," as James Madison, Father of the Constitution, tersely put it.

Proponent of constitutional fidelity and judicial restraint and Judicial Confirmation Network legal counsel Wendy Long has judged the "reindeer test" to be "silly."

Now that's restraint!